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Fauxtog’s, as I understand, are generally ones who fall under the category of  “I just had a baby and got a camera, so I’m going to be a professional photographer now! I can spend all my time taking pictures of other people’s babies and families and charge them bunches!”

A photographer is one who enjoys taking photos. It can be somewhat of a passion. You really enjoy what you do and might actually be good at it.  It’s a big group. I certainly fall in it. You strive to be better, to learn, and to capture the moments of the world around you and make pretty things.

A professional photographer is one who has decided to make a career of it. No matter how good or bad you might be, this is your majority/sole income.  You can create all sorts of horrid looking pieces and have the tact, manners, and grace, of a sick toad and still somewhat be a ‘professional photographer.’

The technicality is such of that with painters, or acting.

I really like the variety and different techniques you used in what you linked. It shows creativity as well as a good eye for color, contrast, and composition. You know that it’s not all about babies or teenagers or family portraits. It’s about creating something brilliant.

On a side note. I have been told that if ever you should go to market your talents, you should narrow down your specialty.  This is (as I am told but don’t quite believe) why so many people mainly do babies, or pets, etc. If you ever choose that path, don’t stop with the rest. Through variety and experimenting we learn and grow in all areas.

Keep it up!