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The first shot I actually like, minus the editing.  I really hope that you have the original unedited version of that one because it’s really not bad.  It doesn’t exactly follow the “rules” but there’s something about it I like.  You over smoothed the model’s face and the colors are off.  But if it was left unedited or slightly edited, then it would have been much much better.   The baby shots are horrible… I don’t know if its because they are out of focus or what… but I don’t like it.  The first baby shot of the baby is OK, but it’s improperly composed and the editing is atrocious.  Again, I hope that you have the originals because they may actually be salvageable but if they are out of focus (if that’s what the haziness is) then there’s no amount of editing or sharpening that can make it look focused. The waterfall shots…. why do you need to edit the crap out of an awesome waterfall?
Here’s what you can do now to massively improve your photos.

1.  Slow your role on the editing program.

2.  Three words:  Rule of Thirds.  Learn it.  Then learn how to break it properly.


I need to see more of your work to further offer more advice, but yes you are a fauxtog but you’re new… you’ll grow out of that soon enough as long as you listen to good advice and are dedicated to getting better.