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You have a few great, worth-paying-for images mixed in with a lot of images that don’t belong on your site…


In my opinion your two BEST photos are 48 and 50 (even though the focus on 50 is on the chin instead of the dad’s eyes :P)

But then you have images like 7.. Yes the depth of field is nice, the light is nice and the exposure is almost perfect, but you missed the focus and the composition is weird. Not a photo for a portfolio.


13, bad angle to shoot that pose at – makes his face look curvy in a not-normal way, and you can’t see her eyes and you can tell she’s trying really really hard to look at him. Instead you should have had him lean more to the right so he wasn’t as close to her face.
14, her right eye looks weird because of the angle.
18, not a strong shot… you shot it in a way that I can’t decide what I’m supposed to be focusing on… Are we supposed to be looking at her hair? or her tattoo? Or her necklace that you can only see a little bit of, but that’s what is in focus.

22 is good minus the overly strong vignette

23 is awkward

I like 25 as a personal photo, but not as a portfolio photo

26, should have used a flash or reflector (or just moved) to get the exposure on mom and daughter similar to the exposure on dad
31 is nice… he looks like a young Ryan Gosling

33 and up seems to be outdated work because the quality goes down from there (with a few exceptions)

Overall I think you just have to keep shooting so you start noticing what’s going on in your images. A few images just have subtle problems that, had you been paying attention, you could have caught and fixed (hair in face, focus wrong etc.)
You definitely need to work on your compositions. And you need to stop over-editing eyes.