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The olympus isn’t much cheaper than a used 5d Mk II unfortunately.

I’m not sure I’m understanding your question but with a big aperture your DOF will be thin obviously. Do you mean that people move and you get unsharp shots because of that? If that is the case higher ISO counts would help but if the DOF is too thin a wide angle and standing closer will bring more in focus or using a smaller aperture. The sharpness could be down to ISO to some extent but I doubt it does that much. My experience with M43 is limited though so I can’t say I know how they react with higher ISO, it may be down to noise reduction in camera that smooths out details. The OM-D is certainly better at the higher ISO stuff though.

-e- As for kids running around, shutter speeds of at least 1/250 but faster is preferable, 1/500 is even better and will almost always get moving people sharp. You may want to crank up your ISO for that though. I don’t shoot kids much apart from the missus niece and nephew but ISO 1600 and f4 may be needed for a fast shutter speed and a decent DOF

As for the flash, can you bounce the flash? Can you add flash exposure compensation? Both will help indoors if you are getting overexposure.