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I really do understand that. Instead of throwing up photos of what you have you can put up some good portrait, 3/4 and full length photos of friends, family, strangers that have time on their hands. If necessary the next time you get a family or couples shoot throw them a discount to use them as individual models. Hire a sitter for a night and go to a lounge, bar or fancy restaurant with some friends and take photos to simulate a dark reception. Brides just want to know that you’ll capture great moments and make them look pretty.

In any case never put anything into a portfolio that isn’t 100%. A few good images are better than more that you have to try and hide or mask in some way.  Let the work you have speak for itself, if that bride or groom doesn’t like it that’s fine you don’t have to work together but letting clients see sub-par work doesn’t speak well for you and puts you at a disadvantage when they try and negotiate with you.