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Wow, thank you so much for your honest and helpful feedback.

I have noticed that my photos are not as sharp when uploaded as they appear on my LCD and in my viewfinder. Do you think this is an ISO issue? I do try to keep it down because the GF2 adds a lot of noise. Whenever I try to add fill in flash, my camera seems to give it too much even at its lowest setting. I switched to an Olympus OM-D halfway through my photography so many of the photos you critiqued were with the Panasonic which I found wasn’t giving me the results I was hoping for. The OM-D for some reason gives my hot shoe a power boost and no matter how far away I am and at the lowest ISO it whites them out.

I agree that I should invest in a better camera, I just got stuck in the M43 series and am afraid to start all over again 🙁

My website is a smugmug so people do order from there.

Question, for doing outdoor shoots in overcast days (the session with the little girl and the leaves was one of those days) my camera even at its widest aperture still had trouble capturing everyone in focus. Do you have any settings suggestions for kids who literally don’t stop running and in low-light?

Again, I appreciate the time you took to look over my photos and give me that feedback. I truly hope to grow as a photographer and learning is the way to do it.