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I am using an Olympus OM-D which is a fantastic camera! Some of the problems I have noticed with it all revolve around the focusing. The focus points are very large. If I want to make it smaller I have to set one of the options to manual assist, and then double press it and then this whole rigamaroll-but then if I turn the camera off and on again it will revert back to the large focus point size. Also, it doesn’t focus well in low light. So if I have a telephoto lens on which has a maximum aperture of say 4.5 and it is a bit overcast then my camera will struggle. I have looked into the Nikon D7100 which I will likely change to once I have some extra cash.

I have done some more work since my last post and if anyone could give me some feedback on my technique or maybe some things I missed that would be greatly appreciated! I have several weddings booked for this year so I want to hone up as much as I can before I shoot them.