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… but I am just saying that because the OM-D uses contrast phase detection to focus, it focuses in an out constantly and never actually locks on to the subject.

If auto-focus is constantly adjusting, that suggests it is in servo mode instead of single shot mode.  Definitely, figure out how this camera works and how to get good results from it before moving on.  The Canon 5D Mk III manual says auto-focus is “TTL secondary image-registration, phase detection” and while there are 61 points, and up to 41 cross-type points, the number of available AF points and cross-type points varies depending on the lens.  Auto-focus takes up more than 40 pages in the manual!

I Hate Fauxtography may be correct that a lot of the reported problems are operator error.  Even my Rebel has multiple auto-focus modes but it is not nearly as complex as my 5D.  Understanding how to set it up and how it works goes a long way toward getting good results from auto-focus.