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“I’m doing pretty well for only having owned a camera for less than 2 years!”

Yes, you are, but that is not what you asked, and that’s not the skill level needed to start charging and base a business on.

(looked it up) I think your OMD is a VERY capable camera, and terrific to learn with and then some.  Understand how to use what you have effectivley BEFORE upgrading/changing systems.  Otherwise you may just end up in the gear trap, and still at a stand still as far as skills.

I know you say you have read that OMDs have focus issues on many blogs/forums, but the same can be said for any camera out there.  Seriously give it a try.  Look up canon 7D focus issues, Mark11 Focus issues, fuji X focus issues, etc etc you will find numerous posts about how the darn things just aren’t/can’t take sharply focused images.  All those people got lemons or…. maybe the user is to blame?

I have looked closely, and listened to all that you have had to say, and seriously… to be as helpful as I can, my best advice is to slow down and allow yourself time to develop.  You obviously are just a beginner with very limited knowledge/skill, and that’s OK.  You won’t be forever, if you keep going, and keep pushing on.  To put yourself out there right now, and sell your services to the public would be wrong at this point in the game, both for you and your photography and your clients.  Nope, you don’t suck, and your photography doesn’t blow chunks, but that doesn’t sound like a very good way to start a business.