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I have my camera set to the middle point, I focus and then recompose. The majority of the time I am taking photos of children running around so I let the camera use the face – eye priority to do the work for me, which it says it is. I have read on a number of blogs that this is an issue with this camera, and have spoken to the camera store which says although a great system, it is better for experienced hobbyists and not a professional. I think I will purchase the Nikon D7100 and keep practicing my skills. I do know I have a lot to learn, but thanks to all the advice and constructive criticism I think I know what I need to work on and which direction to go. I think I’m doing pretty well for only having owned a camera for less than 2 years! 😛

I also have a hard time culling photos that aren’t technically good because they are photos of my own kids (which 90 percent of the photos on my page are and I just think that they are so adorable LOL)