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Thanks for reassuring me (Well, as best I can having paid for poor quality). I really did think I was being too picky. For the record, she charges a comparable amount to legitimate photogs in the area, but she included a disc, so my mother in law talked me into using her.  And thanks for the link, IHF!

She just kind of had us play with our girls and she shot pictures while we did so. (She also caught another family shooting in the same location in one of our pictures) I had a direction I wanted to go with them (Was planning a  nice collage for my living room) I had been familiar with YANAP before this session, and had recalled some of the things fauxtogs are known to do. So, when I saw her get out of the car, I could see that she was one of those “I bought a nice camera, so now I’m a photographer” types.  She meddled with her settings for a bit at the beginning and then didn’t touch them again, despite the fact we moved from daylight to sunset and from shady to sunny areas.  So, I’d agree, in my very humble opinion that she didn’t have one iota of direction. (Even commented that the other photographer looked silly for using a reflector). And tried to talk us into shooting on train tracks(which I informed her was illegal).   But still, the most unnerving was her wanting to do that hands under chin baby shot and not knowing what a composite was. Personally, I don’t think *I* should have to explain that to my photographer.

OH! Did I mention she was ONE HOUR late to our session?! Yeah, that wasn’t fun.

When I got my proofs, I looked through them wanting to be impressed, but I just was not.  There was one she took from a really unflattering angle, and it made me look 60lbs heavier, I swear. I sobbed. lol

She included a ton of blurry and half assed shots telling me they were the best ones from the session.  I still want my family photos on my wall to showcase my beautiful girls (my demonized self will be left out. Have I mentioned I HATE those eyes?! lol) until we do something better, but I don’t know how I’ll get a cohesive look since half of them seem to have a blue hue and half seem yellow…

And while I’m nagging about local people for me, this is the one my mother in law suggested I go with, who I was able to identify as a fauxtog! lol



Also: I did inform the photographer that I would not write a positive testimonial as she asked me to do. It’s a shame, she was super nice.