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What a shame! It must be so frustrating to not be happy with your photos. As a photographer I would be completely gutted if a client hated the photos I took, but at the same time I would definately want to be told, because there is always room for improvement! Feedback is of vital importance.

The first glaring problem I see is the colouring of the photos. That partial sepia gimmick that seems to be all the rage at the moment just drives me to tears!  Sepia only works when people are wearing ye olde outfits, otherwise it should be used sparingly or not at all. I wouldn’t even consider these to be proper sepia, more like random washed-out yellowish tones that suit nobody! I wonder if the photographer has calibrated her monitor…. 

Other issues: toddler bending over and being cute is ruined by the placement of the tree trunk behind her. Either zoom in so that the trunk takes up all of the background or move around to not have it there at all. Man holding baby with the fenceline being at the same height as the top of his head…ugh! The next photo is better composed, with the baby looking over Mum’s shoulder, and the fence creates an interesting background effect. The last photo of Mum and baby taken on an angle is one of my pet peeves – I can’t stand wonky angles and horizons. This is considered ‘arty’ but it only works in a handful of situations, and really I just like a nice straight-to-camera look. Symmetry is best 🙂

Using pop-up flash is also a very amateur thing to do. Proper lighting would have been either an external flash with a diffuser (even then I’m not a fan), off-camera lighting, reflectors, or even just using natural light to its fullest effects (eg: positioning people in correct angles so that light illuminates their eyes). 

These are just a few things that I have noticed….the colour is definately the most annoying aspect though. I don’t blame you for not liking it!