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The detail wasn’t lost with editing (not that she edited well mind you) it was lost in camera.  Looks to me like she shoots in an auto mode and that’s why exposure is all over the place.  No thought at all was taken with any of the shots I saw.  Bad direction/posing, bad comp, bad pov, bad framing, bad lighting….. She’s got the whole package going on.  I seriously wouldn’t even know where to start.  maybe a pro here will chime in and be able to explain better, what went wrong.  Here’s a site that explains all the common faux mistakes in a more lay person way.  (Be sure to look at the good the bad the ugly) Maybe it’d be a good place to start.


no need to be embarrassed that you used a faux.  It’s happened to me as well, and it’s happened to countless others.  But I understand feeling uncomfortable about it.  Too uncomfortable to say anything to the  offender themselves, and too uncomfortable to tell anyone else as well.  It’s a creepy feeling getting ripped off or taken, and we do tend to take the blame ourselves  somehow.  “I should have known better” or “why didn’t I stop as soon as I thought things were going wrong?”  Or “am i just being too picky?”. Thing is, we all want to think the best of people, and when we are wrong it just plain feels bad, and we just want our mistake to go away.  Fauxs depend on this reaction, or they seriously don’t even know that they are making people feel this way.  I like to think the latter, but I’ve seen too many times how awful they can be to people when they are called out or their product gets questioned In any way by a customer complaint.  They can be quite nasty about it.

Yes, I want you to complain and tell her exactly what you told us!!!  She needs to know what she is doing is wrong!   She needs to know that her customer is unhappy with her product!  but I also understand if you don’t, and I’m not going to push it, when I was unable to do it myself,  and when I completely understand that horrible uncomfortable feeling.  The me I am now would do it, but the me I am now, it most likely wouldn’t happen to.