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(okay, confession time-  My bestie is really me, haha.  I guess I either didn’t wanna seem like an idiot for hiring one or something. But yes, it was me.)

I had a sneaking suspicion.  When I did my research, I had found a legitimate photog I thought was this lady, until meeting her and quickly realizing the one I found who lived states away and the one who moved here were NOT the same.

I became worried when she suggested doing some shots with her then 3 month old without knowing what a composite shot was. Luckily, I did know enough to say no to it. She also shot with her pop up flash the whole time, too.

Now I has a disc full of pictures I’m not entirely in love with.



That being said, here are some of the shots from our session:



Not all are there, but these are two of them. Quite frankly, I am pissed that I put as much work into the subtle detail of my girls clothes without trying to overepower a shot, but I feel it was ALL lost in editing. :/