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I am not giving up, there is no way. I never would because some strangers and ONE client out of a many (which apparently is NOT the client as I just found out) critique with such vulgarity.

I haven;t seen people being overly aggresive on this thread.

I feel I have come a long way since this shoot …

While we always learn and improve, there is a minimum standard you should be able to meet before you even consider charging for your work. Learning the basics of photography with paying clients is just a bad practice.

…and that the colors on this shoot were a mistake.

But it’s a mistake that shouldn’t have hapenned, you should have your monitor properly callibrated. You may want to invest in a calibration tool.

I have offered to redo the photos as well as do another shoot entirely for free.

That’s a good gesture.

I don’t wish to be nasty, but I’m sure you remember the first time a more experienced photographer or client ripped you to shreds…it just plain hurts because we are human.

Nope … it didn;t hurt. actually it did a little but I understood that I NEEDED to hear that critique to improve. You need thick skin to be a photographer but you also need a good awarness of your own strenghts and weaknesses and an ability to take criticism and more importantly  how to LEARN FROM IT.

I have a long way to go with photography …

And this is why oyu should not be charging for your services … it would be like me opening a garage and learning how to be a mechanic while repairing clients cars.

I encourage many of you to critique without being so hurtful. It can be done, and should. Lift up your fellow photographer, we all started somewhere and I guarantee no one here has been perfect at this since day one.

If you were an amateur photographer the critique would be very different but you are purporting to be a profesional photographer and so the standards of service are much higher as are the expectations. I find it sad that you don’t see this.