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It is true… when I first started out with photography (mind you, not charging, or when I did charge, it was for friends who knew my skill level beforehand and were willing to help me out), I had NO IDEA how expensive, how much work, and how much thought there really is for this business and how competitive it really is. I have not yet learned everything I need to (technically, you can never stop learning with photography as the industry is constantly changing). It’s expensive. Imagine dropping your entire tax return on a camera. Or having your dad buy your lens and paying him back over the course of the next six months. And then there’s all those annoying surprise expenses, like calibrating your screen, buying a whole new hard drive for your computer when it fails, buying more RAM for your computer when Photoshop keeps crashing, all the gas money, buying more/faster memory cards, paying for website or web storage, buying additional external hard drives so that your work is safe, etc etc etc. It’s brutal. But I would never give up and say “pshhh this is too expensive, I can’t do this anymore.”