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what.dreams, I’m sorry honey but I would not pay you to photograph my family, and whatever clients you have are either going to take the $50-70 at a loss when they finally see the final product, or they are going to come to forums like this and ask photographers if she hired a fauxtog.   You have a lot to work on and I’m sorry that no one here has offered you much constructive criticism besides  “calibrate your monitor” and “suck it up and learn to take harsh criticism”.

Study composition, lighting, stop over-editing your photos.  Flatter your subject, ESPECIALLY the mother!   SKIN TONES are so important to me…  I don’t want my kids looking jaundiced and I don’t want my newborn faced down in a blanket.  Get a grey card.   Shoot in RAW and learn how to edit Raw files properly… less is more!!  Think about that when you’re editing.  Use B&W when the image really calls for it and actually you need to learn how to get better tones in B&W too.  These are all the things that you need to work on along with many many other things.  And if a client was not pleased with your work, give her the money back.