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I remember having my final project at high school absolutely ripped to shreds by the judges. I had worked for countless hours in the darkroom and spent crazy amounts of money on film and paper, and finished up with what I thought was a really good project. I got 42%. I was utterly, utterly devastated! So much so that I stopped doing photography altogether for a good ten years.

Looking back, being older and somewhat wiser, I can totally understand why I bombed – my subject matter was far too abstract and I had forgotten the rule of “keeping it simple”.  This was a hard lesson to learn at 18!   Fortunately I got over it, and here I am back doing what I love. Does everyone like my work? Of course not!  But I haven’t had a client complain about me yet, and if they did I certainly hope I could rectify the situation without having an epic tantrum 😉