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Well, I’ve come to this topic a little late, apparently.

I’d just like to say one thing- One of the most valuable lessons you get out of going to school for photography (or any type of art, really) is how to take criticism without getting upset. You spend hours in the darkroom, perfecting your prints, go to class still smelling like fix, and the instructor rips you to shreds. You learn to listen to the criticism, learn from it, and not lash out at them (well, with the exception of the one instructor who gave the women a better grade when they argued with him. Creep.). ¬†Lashing out accomplishes nothing but momentary personal satisfaction. You’ll still be angry tomorrow, and you won’t have learned anything. The posters on this forum may be a little harsh, but they are usually right. Listen to their advice, and learn from it. You’ll be better photographer for it.