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I am not giving up, there is no way. I never would because some strangers and ONE client out of a many (which apparently is NOT the client as I just found out) critique with such vulgarity. I will take what I feel isn’t childish into great consideration. I feel I have come a long way since this shoot and that the colors on this shoot were a mistake. I have offered to redo the photos as well as do another shoot entirely for free. I don’t wish to be nasty, but I’m sure you remember the first time a more experienced photographer or client ripped you to shreds…it just plain hurts because we are human. We are striving, hard-working mothers who are trying to follow our dreams no matter how difficult. It is hard to make it in any field of art, but it is the only thing I am good at. I have a long way to go with photography, but I have gotten to a level of professionalism in other art forms and fully believe I can do this too. No one on this ridiculous website will ever get me to quit. This website was made out of an attempt to help out others and has been turned into something nasty and hurtful to many. I encourage many of you to critique without being so hurtful. It can be done, and should. Lift up your fellow photographer, we all started somewhere and I guarantee no one here has been perfect at this since day one.