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I’m so sorry your photographer responded to you they way she did 🙁

A more proper response would have been (contacting you privately) “I’m so sorry to find out you are unhappy with your images.  I just recently learned that when you are a photographer, you have to calibrate your monitor to insure truer colors.  I’m so sorry I was unaware of  this fundamental task, and embarrassed that I have made such a terrible mistake.   I will promtly refund all of your money.  Can I offer to re edit and reshoot at no cost to you?”

This would have given you the chance to come back to the forum and let everyone know that your photographer is trying her best to rectify the situation.  A much happier solution/ending than getting treated the way you just did.

What dreams,

No, that is/was not are intentions at all.  So you have a dream, and you’re finding out its a heck of a lot harder to achieve than you originally thought.  I challenge you to take down the price lists and keep learning.  Keep shooting without the goal of making money in mind, but by taking the steps to become  the best photographer you can be.