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Well, I would like to thank you all for completely changing my mind. I will never take another picture. That was your goal, right?


Also, yes, your photos may look “peachier” to you than they ever did to me. I have recently been contacted my someone who says theirs too looked more yellow than they would have liked. I check my photos on every other computer I could get my hands on and they are correct. Apparently my screen (a MacBook Pro with retina display) shows colors differently than older PC’s and even Macs. So I apologize for that. I am still offering to re-edit some, but I can tell from here you want nothing more to do with me.

I will try to refrain from posting any more and due too all you horrible people without the balls enough to contact the photographer directly (except one nice woman), I am quitting photography and will be a stay-at-home-mom with no dreams. I hope you all feel fantastic and get a huge kick out of this.