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Her eye really stands out.  It might be a stop too bright for the rest of her face.

You asked about focus.  I see the stitching on her cuff, and the weave in the fabric, and individual eyelashes are visible although many seem to be clumped together by mascara.  Even the hair at the back of her head is reasonably sharp.  Focus seems to start falling off about where I think her ears are.    Sometimes you need enough DOF to have your subject (the eye) and items in front of your subject (the camera) all in focus, and I think you succeeded in that.  Some photos with out of focus foreground work and others fail, and I can’t articulate what makes one work and the other not, except that if the out of focus foreground bothers my vision, I dislike the picture.

What strikes me is that she seems pasted onto the background.  The pier she is standing on seems as out of focus as the tree line in the distance.  The bubbles at the edge of the pier seem odd.  The tree line is a bit of a problem, too, since it forms a line that cuts through her head.