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I’m in between on that. I do see the importance of providing the prints. But, with the way the industry is going today, just about everybody wants the digital copies… I think of it for myself, if I were in the consumer shoes, I would want the option to have a disk of the digital edits as well as the option to purchase professional prints. I’d buy just a few prints, like large sizes for my wall, because I recognize the difference in quality, but want the digital images to be able to post online for others to see and have them as a keepsake for years to come. I offer both. I changed my pricing this year to by default include the disk, and the client then has the option to order professional prints through me or a print release for a small fee. I also put a disclaimer on their print release form that prints made at discount labs will not reflect accurate color and contrast like a professional lab will. I have heard a lot of clients say “absolutely not” to hiring a photographer who does not offer digital copies.