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The photog I used to work for had an in-home studio and viewing area for her clients to come for ordering sessions. (Unfortunately at this point I do not have that available to me.) She had on the walls and on a table many prints and print products to show the clients during the viewing sessions. And boy did they sell! She’d get $500 print orders on a regular basis. When I have a studio someday I will place more emphasis on the print products, and people will buy it when they can see the examples. I would continue to offer the disk and print release too though but probably at a higher premium once I get to that point. If I someday move into a larger house with a spare bedroom, I would turn it into my studio/office for sure.

Funny you mention people still printing off low-res websites. I post photos to FB with my watermark for any of the client photos I do. Well since the last wedding I did was my bf’s sister, and his son was the ringbearer, his mom downloaded a bunch of cute photos off Facebook and made prints. She mailed us a totally pixelated (watermarked) photo of him to put on the fridge. I love her to death, but I was like “facepalm!” I could have just, uh, gotten prints made myself, from the full-res file. She did that awhile back with some other photos of him and put them all in a collage frame for his bedroom, lol. I just don’t say anything. If it were some random client though I’d point out to them my contract where it states that is not allowed, and that they need to purchase the disk and print release for the full-resolution images. There’s a reason for that; I don’t want a person who sees those prints to think I take pixelated photos!