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@Tiradia, definitely take them up on the offer to ASSIST. By that I mean do not take the position as a second shooter. Just handle their lenses, light, etc and then OBSERVE. See how they approach subjects, their process. where they place lights. Ask questions during downtime (asking questions while someone is in the thick of it is super annoying). Do not put your eye behind the camera..not just yet. You’ll miss so much that you need to know.

I assisted about 20-25 weddings before I even touched a camera as a second shooter. I do not shoot weddings regularly now. Only when I get approached and they are offering a shitload of money. The last such instance the girl had to beg me to do it. Finally, I said yes with many stipulations. One of which was I didn’t want to be treated like “the help” but rather a guest. I had my own printed seating assignment and gift bag and was never announced. No one knew I was the photographer. I was just there with my camera and a 50mm lens. No one approached me and said “take a picture with me and my bestie”. I went mostly unnoticed and I took the best pictures I’ve ever shot at a wedding. This idea was introduced to me by a fine-art photographer friend of mine. He’s an absolutely amazing photographer and occasionally does weddings for celebrities. he does not advertise that he does weddings, it’s entirely word of mouth. He has no website for wedding work, but the word of a celebrity goes a long way.

Lastly, being gay is probably the second best situation to be in when you’re approaching women for photographs. make sure to queen it up when asking for that shot 😉