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7D is still a crop body.  It just takes a lot of frames in a second.


The girl is looking out of the frame and she has that red umbrella behind her.   We weren’t there, so I’m guessing, but if you turned the camera a few degrees right, so she was on the left side of your frame, it may have been a much better photo.


It may be the almost centred eye.  Or the not quite sharp far edge of the near ear.  Or the lump of hind quarters just right of the base of its neck.  Or the not quite sharp teeth on a breed that has a reputation of being all teeth and snarl.  The tongue seems soft too.


Crop this just bigger than the shells and you will eliminate ebi’s complaint about the horizon.  And, if it still has enough pixels, you may have a good photo.


So, this is what a jellyfish out of water looks like?  Good thing ebi identified it!  His critique of this shot was too kind.


Your sushi needs sharpening, or better focus.  I like the advertizing to match what is put in front of me, but I would choose another dish if that was the photo on the menu.  It is slightly better if you replace the green background with white paint.


Ebi didn’t like this one.  I think it’s a near miss.  I would like the bird a bit further left in the frame, and a wider frame, added on the right.  I would like more DOF.  I really like the point of view!  If all of the bird was sharp, and all of the bird were present, this would be a keeper.

The beach, pier and creek shots don’t do much for me.  If you and your partner are both male, who is the little girl?  That shot looks hand-held, slow-shutter-speed.  That seldom works out.  For that to look good, you need a model that can freeze, and you need a quality tripod or some other really stable platform for the camera.

The snail needs a hair more DOF, and a lot less hand.