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I am indeed a guy! Ha-ha, I think I have a headshot I got at the beach one day. I’ll post a link to it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/105269791@N02/10311112846/ I was walking down the pier and saw the light hitting the side of her face and her smile was infectious. I snapped it and didn’t even ask, just kept on walking ha-ha! My partner (Boyfriend) also does photography. More videography, multimedia design then anything. So I have a resource right next to me which I severely under utilize. And! I have an amazing resource at work I just found out about. >.> I would link their site but don’t want to get in trouble! They are in no way faux’s fakes etc. Their work is actually amazing. They are in the league of the 2500+ dollar wedding business. He even offered to take me out as second assist for the experience. Which I am going to take him up on! I recently obtained a new camera body. I figured if I wanted to get serious; it was time to get a better camera then what I had. I know the Rebel line (T3) (I know Cain uses this *shudder) Can take an amazing picture with some awesome glass behind it. But I felt insecure about pulling it out! So I went out and got myself the 60D I know, shame on me crop sensor :(. I was going to go for the 7D but since we already have one, I figured what good would it do to have Two? I compared the specs, and the 60D sits right inbetween the 7D so it wasn’t a bad investment. Once I get going and get more knowledge under my belt I plan on getting One of the MK series Canons.

*Wipes eyebrow* Sorry for the long windedness 🙂