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I think I have the exif data. >_< haha, just need to remember what hard drive they were stored on. I know I shot raw+jpeg. Was shooting in manual at the time. I did have a 75-300mm on as well as some of the birds I was shooting were a ways away. This heron didn’t mind me getting close, but couldn’t get to close. Didn’t want to risk him flying away so I didn’t switch lenses. @CC those are really gorgeous shots. I wish I had a chance to go back overseas. Mainly to Okinawa. They have some very gorgeous scenery. *edit* also! If I cannot find them I blame Facebook for stripping my exif data, I was always critical of my work and worried what others thought. But ya know what! It really wasn’t that bad. It is nice to have critics as it only makes you better *isn’t always the case for some faux’s who never learn* I just hope I don’t fall in that catergory haha!