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Nesgran nailed two of three ways with aperture and better lens.  The third, which I would prefer for this shot, assuming the bird is not chained down, would be a step or two back.  That would give the feet, and at the same focal length, it would improve DOF.  You are just slightly soft at the beak’s tip, and you are getting soft around the legs.  The good news is, the bird’s eye looks quite sharp, and that is the most important part.

Auto-focus can focus more accurately and much faster than I can.  The only time I manually focus is when auto-focus can’t figure out what I want.  Usually that is when a bird is surrounded by branches.  Or, if I think prefocusing and waiting for my subject to arrive might be a good idea.  Usually then I let auto-focus figure it out and switch off AF after I’m focused.