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Yeah my first reaction was “they’re not paying taxes, nail ’em”.. but then I thought of the realities of it being that they, as fauxtogs, very very likely don’t even make enough to have taxes actually deducted from that “income”… that’s why I’m a bit ambivalent on the issue whereas I would normally be on the side of the “they’re breaking the law, nail ’em!”   Just not sure it actually applies here.

What I would do to all the fauxtogs in my areas is this: Send them an email as a potential client asking if they’re an active pro who’s taken lots of jobs.  If they say  yes and that they’ve done lots of jobs, I’d reply with something along the lines of “ok great, but just so we’re clear, you’re a legit business right, because I only want to support legit, tax-paying businesses. So if I sent your name/phone and email to the IRS right now, there wouldn’t be a problem with you not paying taxes right?”

I’d pay to see some reactions from that.  That’ll scare the living shit out of them if they don’t pay taxes heheh..