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I see.  The frame is actually the screen of an LG monitor.  You can see the LG logo at the bottom of the picture of a little girl kissing mommies belly.  I have no idea if the artifacts are accurately reproduced or created by the way the monitor works, but it is interesting they are on the background right behind the baby’s head but not on the baby’s face.  It is what I would expect to see if the image was a composite from a couple of cameras — her photo of the baby and a stock image of a glass full of mints, for instance.  If the artifacts were coming from the monitor, I would expect them to be evenly distributed over the whole image.

The best match I could find for the container is a Libbey 10.5 Oz. Irish Coffee Mug, turn the mug so the handle is at the back and the handle holds up the ribbon.  And, the candies look like Bob’s Sweet Stripes Soft Peppermints which come in a 290 candy tub.

People are weird.  Perhaps she would rather take heat for endangering the baby than admit to being good at Photoshop (or some other editor).   After all, if she did it in camera she is a photographer, and if she did it in Photoshop, she is a graphic artist.   Obfuscation keeps her competition from copying her.  If they really did do it in camera, I would love to know where they got the vase.

I see from the comments on her FB page that I am not the only one who thinks it is a composite.