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I don’t use Photoshop… I have a retoucher.

I don’t use Photoshop… I use Paint Shop Pro.


The baby, container and white background are in the same frame as another image on the same FB page.  There is a white vignette, the candies at both left and right edges are faded out.  Artifacts are not consistent.  They are all over the container and part of the background, barely there and a different shape on the baby.  I think the scale is off, too.  How big is a newborn’s head?  How about six inches in diameter?  Moving that measurement on to the container, the container would be a foot wide at the very top and about fifteen inches tall.  That would make those candies about an inch in diameter, talk about horse chokers!  If mother dilates ten cm, that is about four inches, so perhaps the head is only four inches in diameter?   Using that as the measurement, the container would become eight inches at the widest part of the top and only ten inches tall.  Newborn girls are about nineteen or twenty inches tall (long) and six to eight pounds.  By three months they are twenty-three or twenty-four inches tall and eleven to fourteen pounds.  You would have to hold up the baby’s arms while holding her upright in the container and pouring in all the candy, then position the arms and take the picture.  She must be pretty sleepy to put up with all that cold candy pressed against her.  The container is tapered, if it is only ten inches total height, there are only eight inches for the baby, where are her legs?  At mid-point the container is only about five inches in diameter.

Maybe Jackie is telling the truth and they filled a jar with a baby and candy, which would be a bad and dangerous idea.  I still think it was done in an editor.