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When I saw the “Prairie” photos, I thought “What the heck!”  I looked the owner up and found http://www.theprairiebyrachelashwell.com/.  Going back to your FB page and reading the text I saw “Images © Rachel Ashwell + The Prairie”.  So instead of commenting on those photos, I’ll ask, did the workshop sell out?  I might still be confused about it.  At http://www.sweetlightcollective.com/index2.php#!/workshop_details, it looks like the workshop is put on by someone else who is using the same source of photos as your FB entry!  I wasn’t enthralled by the past workshop photos.

Of your photos, I think I like


best.  I’m hoping this site will put a thumbnail up, but haven’t tried it with FB, so we shall see.  I think I like this one best because you got lower than your usual vantage point to take it.  The only criticism I will offer is that it might look better if you burned the bright area of grass around “man” in your watermark.

Your detail shots are pretty good, I’m not sure the tilt helps, but I like almost everything being in focus.

Shots like


aren’t my favourite style.  You are down almost to his height which is good, and presumably you are showing his age by the ratio of children’s vs adult teeth.


has good exposure and is a good photo of him.  I would like the perspective to be from a foot, or so, lower, but that might have consequences for a bland sky or some other background feature you were trying to eliminate.  Not being there at the time, the circumstances are unknown.  Why does he seem to be holding a short stick?


has good lighting and focus.  It looks like an adult’s standing perspective.  If that spot on the right knee is temporary, I would remove it.  If it is permanent, I would probably leave it there.

Over all, you seem to know what you are doing.