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And Ken,

I don’t think you realize how hard it is to find good CC like the poster was clearly looking for here.  When I first started trying to tackle marketable portrature, I had a very difficult time doing so.  All I received was nicey nice.

with that said, I don’t think you will find the cc you are looking for here Arizona.  Try photo.net.  and when you are ready to ask yourself that all important question “I’m I ready”, and you feel the need for pro’s opinions, put together a small portfolio, and possibly an entire shoot for them to look at.  It’s very hard to answer that question by only seeing a few shots, because there is no way to judge consistency, and that as you know, is a HUGE factor to consider.

I would offer a critique, and I apologize for just giving you nicey nice, but buy looking at the shots you provided, I feel you are beyond my skill level.