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Thing is, I have literally had zero 3rd party peer review of what I do. Plenty of friends and family ‘like’ what I do. But thats typical for ones friends and family! I’m currently joining different online photography communities seeking real critique so that I can learn the tangible things to improve on.

Next, I do feel competent with my equipment. I know it forwards and backwards, but what I don’t feel competent with yet is directing subjects. That is more of the intangible aspect of photography that I have very little experience with. I’ve been paying close attention to videos of pros on youtube (Peter Hurley, Joel Grimes, Joe Edelman, etc etc), noting what they say, do, etc. And look I for interviews/seminars where this topic is discussed, and so I have some remedial modeling 101 knowledge that has been helpful so far, but I haven’t had very much practical application of the knowledge yet.At a minimum, it would only be fair to myself and anyone willing to hand over some cash for my photos of them that I bring my directorship to at least where my technical abilities are. Would you agree?

Over the next 3 weeks, I have 8 more practice sessions penciled in doing more headshots, mom/dad/baby, husband/wife, and even a car shoot. I can’t wait to get those done and get that much more directing experience under my belt.

But yes, again, thank you for your comments. I truly do appreciate it.