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Wow, I’ve been away for a while, but I’m glad I decided to check up on this thread!

Emf – thank you!  It really helps to have an art background.   I need to update my Flickr, I’ve taken 193857929 photos since then and I’d love your input.

Cameraclicker- thanks for the tip :).   And I love your play.  I appreciate you taking the time.

ebi- thank you for the critique.  I also prefer bw, it’s so fun got play with light and shadow.   My color editing has changed since those photos – I now prefer a very clean edit with a slight vintage feel.  I agree that the color ones are too bright / saturated.

Brownie – great crit!  I like to capture candid moments of my children.  When they appear to be deep in thought, the little details of their babyhood that I want to hold on to.  the editing of the color photos was to appeal to the public, it was the trend and they seemed to prefer it to my “darker” personal work.  I eventually stopped giving a shit and decided to make art that I’m proud of.  Thanks again, I’ll continue to challenge myself