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So, you are a student who is thinking about a career in photography.  First piece of advice:  Take business courses.

I only have a few minutes, so let’s talk about a couple of randomly selected photos and see how it goes.

3726092_orig.jpg, is the first one that opened when I selected weddings.  I think the part in best focus may be the sleeve of the woman working on the bride’s hair.  The bride has “raccoon eyes”.  Fill flash or a bounce device of some sort, either a commercial reflector or some white foam core can push light into the eye sockets to prevent that.  Focus on your subject’s eye, nearest the camera.  Depending on the bride’s preference, I would consider removing the laugh lines, or minimizing them.  There is some keystone distortion and a slight tilt.  The window frame at camera right leans in at the top a little.  The mirror frame at camera left leans out quite a bit at the top.  Some software deals with this better than other software.  Her dress is a bit pink, which suggests white balance is off.  If you adjust to make her dress white, that window is blown out.

Only got through one photo and I’m out of time.  More later if time permits.