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CC is the best one to listen to and he’s right on business classes…

In my opinion….In your friends category…some of the photos are too washed out from the sun, where half their faces are just bright bright with no detail and some are forced to squint from the light.  Just position them differently and use a fill flash or reflector if needed.  If you dont have a reflector, you can use some foil or use a piece of white or colored construction paper.

For composition, its subjective, but in one of them there’s a cowboy and the grass makes some soft leading lines.  I would position the cowboy in a position where the lines lead to him or your subject.  In that photos case, my eyes follow the lines, but jump to the left for the subject.

*** also my tip.  when you save or post a photo sometimes double check to see if the colors are what you want on a phone as well.

it can look perfect on a computer, then totally different when you upload, and horrible on a cell phone. So dont forget to check once in an while to see if everything is close.

Hope that helps…good luck and have some fun