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I know I just responded to you on another thread but anyway…

Post processing is definitely an import part of the photographic process. Back in the day either you sent your film into a lab who made those adjustments, unknown to most people, or you were more knowledgeable and hands on and did the developing and process in the darkroom yourself.

So the processing of one’s digital images is still an important part of the process and aesthetic decision making photographers do but…

I always tell my students: Don’t just shoot and expect to take a ho hum image or an image that has lots of technical problems [which you failed to address while you were shooting] and expect to process it not a master piece.

You still need to understand how to see photographically and be able to shoot the technical things [either pushing your creativity by playing with the tools of your camera or solving a technical problem] before you press the shutter. Hoping that a bad image will be made good in Photoshop or Lightroom is frankly being lazy as a photographer.

Get it right as much as you can in camera while you’re shooting. This saves you time in post -production and forces you to be a more conscious photographer at the moment of capture which will turn you in to a better photographer…the longer you do that.