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Worst Case Scenario

I’ve been running a studio and making a living as a photographer for the last 35 years, so some may think my opinion is worth having…………

Seriously dude!   16!!!!!!!!!  I’m gobsmacked by your work!

There’s never been a picture taken that you can’t pull apart critics after and yours are just the same, but overall your great pics far out weigh the bad. Looking at you home page, I see 4 shots that aren’t up to par. I haven’t counted the total on the page, it looks like about 60? So 4 that aren’t as good as the others is nothing to worry about.

Knowing that you were 16 before clicking the link, left me a bit uneasy when I saw how professional your page looked. I sort of felt that a 16 year old setting up a business was a bad thing, almost like you were conning your customers? But when I looked at your work, I started thinking ” Well why not?” There’s plenty of fauxs out there who really are conning the public, so a 16 year old who knows what he’s doing is good.

I’d like to help you get even better, I’m in the UK so you’re far enough away to not be competition! Just ask……..