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Great job for being self taught and especially at your age.

No you have a nice portfolio that shows that you are versatile, but you definitely need to show less in your portfolio, hear me out.

I your portraits section of the various families, I would taylor down the amount of photos shown, unless you are doing it for the sake of the client.  The ones I would ditch are the repeats of the same photo but done in different styles, like the same photo in B&W.  Pick one and delete the other.  In one family I counted at least a dozen photos, 6 in color and 6 in B&W that were basically the same photo, but slightly different.  In your case with portraits, less is more.

The landscapes I like the colors, though there are some that vary from very vivid on the right to drab on the left.

Some of your landscapes do cry out that they are over-processed like Don pointed out, I believe that some are composites, but I could be wrong.  The skies have much more noise in them then the foreground and other features in the landscapes.  I see this a lot when people over-use NIK color FX in either Tone mapping or the detail extractor.  If it works, then fine, but yours has a bunch of noise and some artifacts in them that needs to be addressed.  Try running DeFine or Noiseware to help reduce the graininess in your night skies, it may help.

I like your work, it’s good and you show great promise.  It’s not flawless, but then again, whose work isn’t.  Keep up the good work and try to better hone your editing skills.