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I had came and had a look when you first posted.  Had some criticism and compliments, and I didn’t know quite how to word myself.  When I tried it came out wrong.  So I sat on it, came back a few times to try to articulate… Then, to be honest.. I forgot all about it until I peeked on YANAP today.
I noticed you simplified your page/port a little, and oh my what a difference that made.  A good difference.  Your photography shows much better than it did when you first posted, and my mixed up feelings and photography OCD subsided a little.
There are only a few things about your port that give away that you are a beginner.  They’ve all been pointed out, and that consistency that only comes with time isn’t there, but it’s obvious you are honing in.  But, now IS the time for experimentation and inconsistency.  Finding your thing and changing and evolving etc so really, just keep keepin on, can’t speed up time, and there’s no race to win anyway.
My first impression was “My goodness!  This kid is someone to watch.  I can see him making some wonderful pictures during his life”.  You’re going to kick my ass that’s for sure (if you aren’t already) As long as you stay on track, keep moving forward, and don’t fall into traps, or let this fabulous critique you have received on this thread go to your head 😉
I think you might like, and get a lot from Kelby’s blind critiques, if you haven’t checked them out already.  Especially when they cover landscape photography.  Their special guests are always great too. And if by off chance you came here for more negative feedback on your images (I hope you don’t think I’m crazy, and I’m reading you right, but harsh, honest, negative feedback is hard to find out there), do a google search for “the shark tank”, it’s a forum that only allows negative feedback, and you might get quite a lot from posting a few shots there.