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I’ll agree with WCS, well done.

There are obviously some problems. Your colours seem all over the place with several that have a clear green hue. Are you using a colour calibrated monitor? If not this should be your first investment

Secondly, I would split the gallery between the cityscape type shots and the portraits. Imagine being a person out shopping for a photographer to shoot their kids bar mitzva/tenth birthday party/corporate event etc. Would they really want to sift through all those photos looking for examples of portraits?

Thirdly, the white vignettes should go. That is all have I to say on that topic

Keep it up but make sure you take on assisting jobs to learn more about the important bits about being a photographer, i.e. not the actual taking of photos. That is only a minor part of the key to running a successful business. Unless you are incredibly business savvy prepare to run in to problems and that fast. Oh, and pay your taxes and insurance.