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I wonder if he researched this site any before posting on here.  After looking at his gallery, I don’t think that one single photo is actually his, well at least none of the ones on 500px are.

Photo Trim, there is this thing, it’s new, not everyone has heard of it, but it is called the internet.  It’s like a bunch of tubes that connect a lot of computers together.  Don’t ask me how it works, I’m sure that there is some pact with the devil or ancient voodoo action at stake, but it does allow people like IHF and myself to see that all the posted photos, with the exception of your  “selfie”are not yours.

If your going to use someone else’s work give them credit for it at least, but actually don’t.  I am sure that many of us would not want you to “render” our work as “you” see fit.  There are plenty of up-n-coming photographers out there that you can offer your services to and gain “legal” use of the images for promotional use.  Try it, you may just like it, Mikey did.  Oh wait, your from Bangladesh, you probably won’t get that reference.