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This is a giant spamming Mc scam web of lies.  There’s no way I can keep up with it all.  I would need a team just to report them to all the web hosts and get them taken down.  Pretty much everyone involved with that google page is a part of it, and has their own scam system going on.  There are a few what I believe to be legit people who have joined his “group” but, God only knows why.  I guess they just blindly click like and don’t look at what they are getting involved with.  All I know is… so far Deowan Shimul is the only one attached to the contact e mail for PhotoTrim that I have found so far.  Couple that with some really crappy horrible editing samples on his site (amongst stolen and stock),  I think It could be a one man show?? But… I’m confused.

OK and how does this work exactly?  How do any of these spammer McScammers make money doing this?  “O.K. let’s share a bunch of good photography and graphics that have nothing at all to do with us, and ask the very same people that own that content we stole to give us money”.  HUH?  Maybe it’s more of a liking ring.  They get paid to like shit all over Facebook and google.  I don’t know for sure… But I’d need a team of people googling with me to figure it out.