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IHF, you are all of a sudden a wealth of knowledge and I am very please to hear your advice.


This all does make me wonder though… How long have you gone without printing or making finished products for your clients?

I send all of the pictures on disc, I don’t do prints.. I simply cannot afford the printing equipment to be honest with you. I also thought it would be less overhead too and would allow me to charge less than other photographers.


The areas I circled are obviously brighter on my Windows systems.  I can’t imagine it is a profile problem, or even a hardware problem.  The background plants have a lot of white in them, it is obviously brighter than the rest of the background!  I don’t think the profile would affect the image to the point where white would turn green, or even where brightly lit skin would appear the same as shaded skin.

I have a tendency to flip flop from LR5 and PS, unless I need to get invasive I normally stick with LR as it doesn’t seem to take as long as it would in PS.