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The photo I picked up was Mode RGB and Profile C2.  The file I posted was Mode RGB and Profile sRGB.  If the software can recognize and display the registered profile, any profile should display properly.  Some Internet browsers can make use of the profile and others can not.  Those that can not will display the image based on the sRGB profile.  The Apple software should manage the profile information properly, though.

The areas I circled are obviously brighter on my Windows systems.  I can’t imagine it is a profile problem, or even a hardware problem.  The background plants have a lot of white in them, it is obviously brighter than the rest of the background!  I don’t think the profile would affect the image to the point where white would turn green, or even where brightly lit skin would appear the same as shaded skin.  Of course if you are using a tool like ACR or Photoshop, you can pass the cursor over an area in the image and review the R, G and B values which have much higher numbers in the brighter areas.