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I think they look pretty good but I’ve got a few critiques as they could be a lot better (I think).

The shot of the guy in white trousers doing a handstand (?) could have so much potential for a nice party shot but it is ruined a bit by the decapitation of the people on the right. The angle works pretty well but chopping people in half is never a good idea. I would probably have liked a wider angle lens to accentuate the man in the middle and getting more of the crowd in the shot.

In general with the party shots I would have done them a little darker as parties rarely have that much light

Some of your studio shots seems a little overexposed loosing the facial features in a mass of white. I’m not keen on the massive reflection of the umbrella in the sunglasses of the guy with the head phones, get the brolly up higher to make sure you can’t see the reflection and it would make for nicer reflections on the left headphone which has been overexposed

You have much of it down, the facial expressions are good and you’ve captured much of the emotion but you have some things to work on. If you aren’t happy with shots then just get rid of them or set up a page just for your portfolio where you have great shots only. You want to sell yourself as well as possible. Have you worked at all as an assistant to a good local tog? If not I think that would be a good idea.