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has a couple of things I would change.  The first things your eyes are drawn to are text and bright spots.  I don’t see any text but the bright spots are her empty hand and the plants behind her.  This can be fixed in editing, but it is easier to notice it at the time and shoot it differently.  The other thing I see is the edge that is just inside the left edge of your frame, which is a distraction.  I would spend a couple of minutes and do something like this:


Click on it to see it full size.



has some barrel distortion and is just slightly off square.

These, and the others IHF said popped out, are much better than what I saw previously.

If you use Photoshop, Scott Kelby has good cookbooks for editing.  Basically, a list of steps to accomplish a specific task. If you prefer to watch video, PHLearn has some good ones.  http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=phlearn%20photoshop&sm=1


I don’t know of any book/video that will help you with deciding how much editing is too much.  It comes with practice.  The best advice I have seen for that is to simply walk away.  Get a coffee, read a newspaper article, whatever.  Come back in 30 or 45 minutes and look at it with fresh eyes.  On a Mac or PC, calibrate your monitor — there are several tools that can do that for you, choose one, if you haven’t already.